Thinking About Moving to Belize?

Belize is a land of rain forests, jungles, and islands, gifting it a diverse range of natural beauty. When you add the languid approach to life and the modest cost to enjoy it, it makes sense why people would want to live here. If you fancy yourself an adventurer, there’s also plenty of sites to see and adventures to be had. At the end of the day, Belize offers a stable economy with little to no stress and a better cost of living than one finds in the United States.

Belize is lush with undeveloped reaches, meaning that there is plenty of room for people to travel. Tourism is a booming industry, with many Americans deciding to set up roots or relocate after a single visit to Belize. It does not hurt that English is the official language.

The Benefits

Belize’s government wants investment to be as easy as possible for people. This is why it is possible to get up to two decades of tax relief from your involvement. Belize is also one of the last bastions of secure, private wealth havens. The residency laws are some of the laxest in the region; a person can be legally declared a permanent resident so long as he spends at least two weeks out of the year within Belize’s borders.

Moving Your Possessions

The first step to moving your stuff to Belize is to use an American moving company, though the final step of moving everything in will need to be handled by a Belizean relocation firm. Most ex-pats recommend going the reverse route, figuring out which Belizean company you want to work with first, and letting them pick an American company to receive the hand-off from. When flying to Belize, you can bring anything you will use personally and have no intention to resale; clothes, medications, toys, computers, books, and no more than 4 liters of alcohol. If you have doubts about what is allowed, asked the airline, the relocation company, or Washington’s Belizean Embassy.

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