Find Your Dream Home or Property in Belize

Did your Covid sequestration make you realize that you’ve put off finding a retirement, vacation or investment property for too long? You could stay in the U.S., put up with daunting property taxes and lousy weather, or you could set your sights on Belize where year-round hospitable weather, the low cost of living and proximity to the U.S. make Belize the ideal relocation destination.

Belize rolls out the red carpet for vacation home shoppers, retirees, and investors by offering a variety of perks to ex-pats, but before you can begin to enjoy these advantages, you need a trusted ally to help you find the home, condo or retirement community that best suits your budget and desire for the life you want to live. Ask folks who they recommend and expect to hear the name Hesed Realty Ltd, located in Belize’s capital city, Belmopan.

For people from around the globe who consider Belize the ideal place to relocate, buying land or a home anywhere within this small (9,000-square-miles) nation satisfies shoppers on myriad levels. There are no capital gains taxes in Belize, the cost of a property is surprisingly affordable, and finding prime property on the Caribbean coast or within gated communities is easier than you imagine.

Purchasing a property is effortless, say ex-pats who insist that it was harder to close on a real estate deal back at home! And since foreign investment is encouraged by the Belize government, shoppers are surprised by how easy the process is. You don’t have to obtain a license. Buy land in your own name or in the name of a company. The process ends when you get your hands on your “Land Certificate,” issued by the Belize government.

At Hesed Realty Ltd, agents don’t take shoppers to properties before they thoroughly assess their goals and personal preferences, at which point clients are presented with myriad choices based on feedback that may include small islands, beachfront, riverfront properties, forest enclaves, and intentional communities already filled with like-minded people.

While Ambergris Caye and the Placencia Peninsula are considered to be Belize hot spots, the Cayo District in western Belize is fast becoming a third choice. For a relatively small country, Belize is awash in natural wonders, hospitality and everyone speaks English so relocation requires very little adjustment according to ex-pats who couldn’t imagine realizing their investment, retirement and vacation home dreams elsewhere.

The choice is clear. And so is the assistance you can expect from property experts at Hesed Realty Ltd where agents don’t rest until clients find what they seek. Start the process now by visiting the website: or call +501.664.1692. Have questions? Ask away. Then start packing for an exploration trip in the capable hands of a Hesed professional ready to assist you until you find yourself saying: “It’s perfect! When can we close?”

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