Make a Fresh Start in Belize in 2022

The beginning of a new year is the opportunity for new resolutions, but the average resolution is often the same year in and out: to eat healthier, find a balance between work and life, or improve relationships. It’s rare that these resolutions change actually have a dramatic impact on your life, but the small and seemingly humble Central American country of Belize could give you the chance to resolve to build a bold and new future entirely. Here’s why you should consider breaking free of the normal routine and making a fresh start in Belize in 2022.

A New Perspective

If you wanted proof that a change in scenery can cause a change in behavior, all you have to do is look at Belize. Life moves slower in this Caribbean nation — and while you’ll find modern amenities and conveniences throughout the country, the pace is distinctly different from what most Americans are used to. Golf carts and bicycles are more common than cars in many of the country’s sleepier towns, and this different approach causes many to reconsider their priorities. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do here. From the Maya Mountains to the Belize Barrier Reef to the Monkey River, there are plenty of things to explore throughout the country.

A New Home

Traveling abroad can often make you feel like an outsider, but Belize is the perfect place to move to if you’re looking to embrace a new home. The fact that English is the native language makes it far easier for North Americans to transition into a new life in Belize, and the United States is less than three hours away. And if you do find yourself getting homesick, there are plenty of communities of ex-pats who can provide you with the creature comforts and experiences you’re used to. And since foreigners can own land outright in Belize — unlike in many other countries — this can become your family’s new home for generations to come.

A New Financial Outlook

If you’re willing to embrace it, a new home in Belize can bring with it a wealth of financial opportunities as well. The tourism industry is booming throughout the country, while major districts like Stann Creek and Cayo are seeing steady influxes of foreigners looking to move. Best of all, the Belizean government encourages foreigners to invest in land with tax shelters and low property taxes.

Whether you’ve fallen in love with Belize as a prospective new home or a financial investment, Hesed Realty Ltd can help you hash out your plans for the new year. Our expansive catalog of listings gives us the leverage you need to find the perfect home, while our expertise can help you get the best deal. Reach out to learn more and develop a resolution that will leave you feeling satisfied.

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