Discover what makes Belize so Unique

If you pulled a random person off a random street throughout the world, it’s likely that they couldn’t tell you anything meaningful about Belize. But this Caribbean country is quietly becoming not just a popular tourist destination but also a highly in demand destination for westerners looking to retire to paradise. There are plenty of reasons for that. Here’s what makes Belize such a unique place to visit and such an idyllic place to live.

Live Like Royalty

The generous exchange rate with many other developed countries ensures that Americans traveling to Belize — as well as plenty of other travelers — can live comfortably in Belize for what would be a pittance elsewhere. Both real estate and goods and services tend to be generously priced in Belize, and a couple can comfortably have a good time in the country for just $1,500 USD a month. Add in the historical stability of the Belizean dollar, and you have nothing to worry about.

Among People as Friendly as They Are Diverse

Belize was once a critical part of the Maya Empire and was later colonized by the British, but the ethnic and cultural mix of locals extends to far more than these two groups. Mestizos, Afro-Caribbeans, and other diverse racial groups from the region call Belize home, but there are even more exotic locals here as well. There’s a decent population of families from Chinese descent here as well as Mennonites from Canada. But no matter who you run into; you can be confident communicating since English is the national language.

And Explore Both Land and Sea

Given how cheap and easy to communicate Belize is, it would be a waste not to jump headfirst into the natural beauty of the country. And while the 400+ islands and Belize Barrier Reef are a tantalizing draw in their own right, any visitor deserves to see the caves, ruins, and jungles that are so abundant in the interior. It’s these endless opportunities for adventure and excitement that draw many foreigners to live here permanently.

Or Just Kick Back and Enjoy Yourself

But the simple fact of the matter is that things move slower in Belize. The bounty of the sea and the beauty of the environment ensure that all the essentials are met for the people of Belize, and that means having the luxury to actually sit back and soak in the world around you. Taking it easy is the expectation rather than the exception here.

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