Land For Sale in Belize

Belize is one of the most beautiful places on earth. A temperate Central American country located in the Caribbean, Belize has miles of white sand beaches as well as pristine rain forests full of wild life. There is a vibrant local culture that emphasizes human connection. People here are relaxed, welcoming, and friendly. In addition, the tax rates are low. This, along with the best wi-fi in the region and close proximity to the U.S. makes Belize a great place to do business.

Because of all these reasons, many North Americans and other Westerners are buying land in Belize. Some are buying retirement properties where they can spend their golden years while others are looking into real estate investment.

The types of properties available are quite broad. For example, Hesed Realty LTD lists farmlands and ranches as well as single-family homes, commercial buildings, and undeveloped lots.

There are coconut and lime groves for sale, for example, as well as properties with thousands of acres of prime farmland. As Belize is an emerging market that is growing fast, these types of properties will be a fantastic long-term investment. There are also properties with waterfalls, creeks, and ponds that could be used for a variety of purposes.

Due to Belize’s growth, the need for housing is also growing. This makes owning 3 and 4-bedroom houses in population centers such as Belpoman a good way to generate income. These types of properties, along with commercial real estate, are also available for sale.

For those looking for a dream retirement home, there are oceanfront condos and villas. There are even a few private islands available for the right buyer!

Buying property in Belize is easy for foreign investors. You don’t need to be a citizen or even be in the country to buy land here. If you choose to sell your land after a few years, you will be delighted to know there is no capital gains tax. Additionally, since English is the official language of the country, you will find contracts and other official documents easy to understand.

While there are a few requirements that must be met as well as some fees and taxes, these are fairly negligible. By working with a local real estate firm, you will have local experts walk you through the process. Hesed Realty LTD is one of the best companies to work with if you want to invest in land in Belize. We will steer you towards the best property for your needs and make sure your transaction goes smoothly.

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