Can I collect Social Security and live in Belize?

When their clients are looking to retire somewhere tropical, financial advisors in the know have been passing around a hidden secret destination for years — Belize. It’s becoming one of the Caribbean’s premier travel getaways, but it’s also the perfect climate for retirement. The Belize Tourism Board has worked diligently to encourage emigration from throughout the world, and

Can You Collect Social Security in Belize?

Absolutely! And the process is easy to set up. Once you’re residing in Belize, you’ll simply need to arrange for your payments from the Social Security Administration to be directed to a Belize bank account. Generous exchange rates, a stable currency, and a transparent banking system ensure that your money is healthy and has more reach. The SSA has established and easy policies for setting up direct deposits with Belizean financial institutions.

What Are the Benefits of Living in Belize?

Apart from the tropical beaches, perfect year-round weather, and expansive stretches of wilderness and ruins, Belize has a number of things working in its favor. English is the native language, and the British set the standard for real estate law — so adjusting to the culture and working through the home buying process should be smooth for American ex-pats. Moreover, the Belize government is willing to offer any number of tax incentives to emigrants. One of the more promising is the Qualified Retired Persons Program.

What is the Qualified Retired Persons Program?

The QRPP fast tracks you for residency and provides a number of perks, and all it requires is that you be eligible for Social Security payments and able to demonstrate an income of $2,000 a month or more. In return, you can waive import costs and other taxes and fees. Moreover, you can continue to stay employed in a foreign business without having to pay taxes on them in Belize. It’s the type of arrangement that can give you a whole lot more leverage to find your dream home.

Who Should I Contact?

If you’re seriously considering buying a home in Belize, the first call you should make is to Hesed Realty LTD. Our knowledge and listings expand over the entire country, and there is a surprising amount of ground to cover for such a small nation. Hesed Realty can provide you with all the resources you need to figure out your finances, and they can offer a perspective on your housing options that’s transparent and sensible from the ground level all the way up to the market view. Reach out today to learn about your options.

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