Buying a Home in Belize Just Got Easier!

Jennifer and Joshua like to call themselves the couple least likely to take risks in their crowd. They turn down invites to Las Vegas won’t touch penny stocks, IPOs, bitcoin, and junk bonds. They’re so conservative, even when friends moved to Belize and inundated them with requests to come to visit and check out the real estate, the two dreamed big but stayed put. Until Covid came along.

Realizing that life is much too short to put off making decisions – liking considering a move abroad – the couple did their homework and discovered a world of benefits that are anything but risky! Close proximity to the U.S., English as a first language, and economic benefits associated with relocating countered every argument they came up with. Guess which risk-averse North Americans have taken up residence in Belize?

Are you interested in joining them?

Not quite ready for retirement but feeling financially secure enough to make a major change, when the couple learned that the official retirement age for ex-pats in Belize is 45, they concluded that a move made sense. They discovered a Science News research study pointing to “unexpected days of sunshine” that make it easier to take a few risks on occasion and were sold. Here’s what you can expect if you decide to join them!

Paradise found: This relatively new 1225 square foot ferro house has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a fenced-in yard and open-living interior layout that includes tall ceilings priced at just $85K USD.

A place for your favorite visitors: At 1400 square feet, this 3 bedroom bungalow located in the Stann Creek District includes a great kitchen, huge yard, lots of storage space – and if you need more room, you can add a 4th bedroom.

The oceanfront home you’ve dreamed of: A charming house fronting the Caribbean Sea? This 2 bedroom, 800 square foot house has so many elegant appointments, that $225K USD price tag may appear to be a typographical error. It’s not! Seeing is believing!

Get more space than you imagined: This spacious 3 bedroom; 3.5 bath home may be classified as a bungalow but new owners get 2,021 square feet of living space in addition to the beautifully landscaped lot with carport, priced at just $165K USD.

These four homes barely touch the property inventory represented by the professionals at Hesed Realty where location, assistance and more make this business a trusted resource for North Americans who need help with legal matters and contractual dealings associated with moving to Belize.

Browse Hesed’s current listings to see more and as soon as you spot the home that strikes a chord, contact the staff at to put your home search into Belize’s most capable and knowledgeable hands!

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