How to Invest in Agriculture & Farmland in Belize

There’s something of a real estate boom happening in Belize — but while half the investment world has their eyes on vacation rentals and homes for American and European expatriates, there’s a wealth of opportunities if you’re looking to expand your property investments to include agriculture and farmland.

Why Invest in Agricultural Real Estate

While it’s possible that you’re just looking to start a new chapter in your life as a farmer, it’s more likely that you’re wondering how farmland can pay off in the long term. The answer is similar but a little more complicated than the answer to the residential real estate boom.

Central American populations are growing, and they’re developing more spending power which translates into an appetite for more varieties of food than basic staples like rice and beans. Unfortunately, much of the land in the Caribbean and Central American geography is not arable, and that leaves Belize positioned as one of the best places to expand into farming. Despite that, prices on agricultural real estate remains enticingly low.

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What to Know Before Investing

If you’ve never done a real estate exchange in Belize but have experience with international deals, you’ll be relieved at how simple the process of buying a property is. Belize’s real estate law is based off of its British counterpart, and English is the native language in both business and everyday life.

Combine that with the fact that the Belize government is eager to find outside investors, and you’re left with a generous opportunity that offers few impediments for making a purchase and plenty of incentives to follow through. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t have a professional representative. A firm like Hesed Realty can help you find the right plot of land and even help guide you through your larger financial options.

Options For Practically Anyone

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If the thought of buying investment real estate in a foreign country seems well outside of your reach, you might need to reconsider the situation. Hesed Realty has real estate listings that cover plots with a couple dozen acres for as little as $65,000 — and that number is even more reasonable when you consider the sorts of benefits that the Belize government offers to outsider transactions and the lack of complications that come with using a foreign bank loan for Belize real estate.

But there are just as many opportunities for high rollers. Or if you’re willing to drop a few million, you could get your hands on hundreds of acres in prime real estate. Of course, understanding the lay of the land is important, and that’s why it’s essential to bring in a savvy partner like Hesed Realty. Our network of locals can give you a comprehensive understanding of the market and help you make the decision that will position you for financial success.

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