You Can Buy Your Very Own Private Island in Belize

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own island? What could be more exclusive and exciting than to have your own bit of paradise, a private haven surrounded by crystal clear water? Instead of dreaming, why not make this a reality by owning a piece of Belize?

This Central American nation is a wonderful place for North American ex-pats to buy property, whether to live, retire, vacation, or invest in.

Considered a Caribbean country as well as being part of Central America, Belize is temperate and fertile. It has orange groves and dairy farms as well as being an ideal place to grow your own fruits and veggies if that is your desire. It’s a superb location for scuba divers, snorkelers, and sport fishermen, being right on the Belizean Barrier Reef.

The country has lush rain forests teeming with wildlife, magnificent waterfalls, and exquisite cave systems to explore for nature lovers. It was also once the center of the Maya Empire, as the many pyramids, temples and other artifacts attest to.

One of the best reasons for ex-pats to buy property here – the official language is English. That makes it easy and safe to conduct business transactions since you can read and understand all contracts.
In addition, unlike in many Central American and Caribbean countries, the government of Belize has made it easy for foreigners to own land in Belize. Even better? There is no capital gains tax, so you can maximize the return on your investment.

Belize is also a very safe country. Yes, there are areas of Belize City which are not the best, but this is true of any large metropolis. In the smaller towns and cayes, you will find people are generally very friendly and warm and the crime rate to be quite low. Plus, the country has also handled the pandemic commendably, ensuring that you will also feel safe from this dreaded disease.

If you’d like to own your own beautiful island in this exotic Caribbean paradise, BoddenCaye can be your piece of paradise. Located just north of Tobacco Caye, this 2-acre caye is only a couple of minutes from the Belize Barrier Reef. You’ll find some of the best fishing, diving, and snorkeling in the world within minutes of your own private island hang out. Meanwhile, you’ll also be conveniently located close to the mainland by boat.

When buying this property, you’ll be working with Hesed Realty Belize Ltd, one of the best real estate agents in the country, with expertise in guiding ex-pats in buying land in Belize.

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