Which Central American Country is The Best to Invest in?

Central America seems to offer a lot of promising options to real estate investors on the surface — tropical environments that are perfect for vacation and retirement homes, costs of living (and investment) that are significantly lower than more developed nations, and the potential for growth thanks to burgeoning economies that are still coming into their own. But you can’t just throw a dart at a map of Latin America and hope to hit upon a real estate investment. While there are a few nations that stand out as promising sources of real estate investment, there’s one that stands head and shoulders above the rest — Belize.

Familiar Language and Law

Belize was once under British rule, and that means that both the law and the language of the country are rooted in the United Kingdom. English is the national language here, and the real estate law is based on the principles of English Common Law. That means it will be intimately familiar to British or North American investors as well as investors throughout much of the modern world.

Generous to Foreign Investors

The Belize government actively wants foreigners to help boost their economy, and it has a reputation for being a tax shelter for investors. You won’t need to pay capital gains taxes as an investor in Belize, and they offer generous duty and customs exceptions for retirees who decide to move to the country.

A Wide Variety of Investment Options

Vacation and retirement homes in paradise communities are a huge market in Belize, but they aren’t the only option available to you. The tourist industry is bringing along with it a lot of potential for commercial investments, and those with a more long-term vision can pick up land for cheap and hold onto it until development reaches the area. No matter what sort of timeline you’re working with, you can find something worth your money in Belize.

The Potential For Value Growth

Belize is still rising on the world stage, and that means that your investment has the potential to rise generously without having to worry about instability making it untenable. Public safety is high in Belize, and they’re received praise for their handling of new policies during the Coronavirus epidemic. And as the tourism and other industries continue to grow, government investments into infrastructure can dramatically improve the value of your investment.

Finding the Right Associate

Understanding the right country to invest in is important, but so is understanding where to invest in the country. No matter what your budget is or what type of property you’re trying to find, you can count on Hesed Realty LTD can help. Our own-the-ground agents have an intimate understanding of the market and are ready to figure out where you best fit within it.

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