5 Enticing Reasons to Invest in Belize Real Estate

Not every country has come out of the pandemic haze as successfully as Belize. Even the real estate market has remained stable despite a year of twists and turns. Existing investors are taking a fresh look at this market and new investors are, too. They like what they see. So will you!

1. Belize investment property is affordable and varied

Belize’s extensive shoreline, cayes, atolls, and coastal topography means that the acquisition of waterfront property is more likely than it would be in neighboring nations where the cost of living in higher and Spanish is handy for doing business. English-speaking Belize is relatively small, so getting around to tour properties is fast and efficient. Buoyed by the return of tourism, the Belize real estate market is healthier than ever.

2. Buyers own their investments outright

If you’ve heard stories from friends who vow never to invest overseas again because they ran into ownership restrictions, you’ll be able to share your own success story as long as you’re not too smug about it. In Belize, citizenship and residency requirements for property ownership are neither daunting nor unintelligible. You’ll understand every word. As a foreign investor, you won’t run into words like “leasehold” when transacting sale details. Gain a sense of security knowing that outright ownership is the law of the land for investors.

3. Welcome to the land of low property taxes

Never met a tax bill that didn’t drive up your blood pressure? In Belize, property taxes are downright affordable since they’re based on the undeveloped value of the property you buy and structures aren’t part of the equation. On average, you can expect to pay around 1.5 percent of the value of your purchase, so kiss goodbye to daunting escrow accounts driven by the high property taxes you’ve been paying back home.

4. Market saturation? Not in Belize

In Belize, you’ll find yourself in a buyer’s market that is guaranteed to grab your attention because it signals lots of good news. Not only will you find plenty of undeveloped land throughout the nation, but the beachfront property is abundant – with or without buildings – so you get an equal mix of gorgeous real estate and savings.

5. No currency fluctuations either

Investors dabbling in Central American real estate often complain about the impact a nation’s currency roller coaster can have on property values. Fortunately, this isn’t an issue in Belize because currency fluctuations are minimal courtesy of the Belize Dollar being tied to the U.S. Dollar. The advantages you gain as a direct result of this are numerous and the folks at Belize’s leading real estate firm, Hesed Realty Ltd, would be happy to explain all of them to you.

Dealing with professionals whose client list is filled with North American investors, you have an edge because every nuance involved in finding, financing, and negotiating property deals is already in place so you get advantages few other Belize real estate firms offer. Visit the Hesed website to browse properties. You’ll find more than one that delights you. Then, call Hesed at +501.664.1692 and speak to an expert. You’ll be glad that you did!

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