Located in the South of Belize is this 561 Acres tropical paradise. Spice Farm consists of a variety of tropical spice plants you only ordinarily see in faraway places such as the Malabar Coast of India. These spices, that are all organically grown, include Cardamom, Clove, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Vanilla. There is also a large collection of exotic fruit trees such as Cashew, Rambutan, Sapote, Anjili, Bilimbi, Carambola, Nellipuli, several kinds of Jackfruit, Mangoes, Elephant apple, and Araca boi, that are from India and other parts of the world. Over the years the Spice farm also became a Botanical Gardens by adding over 20 varieties of flowering plants such as Hibiscus, Jatropha, Jasmine, Ixora, and Heliconia, among many others. Another highlight is the Aquatic Garden that features lotus flowers and water lilies from Thailand.

The Amazonica Tree farm is covered in 40 acres of Teak trees, along with other hardwoods such as sandalwood, rosewood and 100-year-old Mahogany trees. Additionally, there are 325+ acres of lush citrus groves. Currently, half of the citrus trees are being rehabilitated and converted to an organic method.

The property is generating very significant income from tourism and agriculture, with an opportunity to export.

There are many projects in the pipeline such as a larger Cinnamon farm, Moringa and Tumeric farms, distillation plant for essential oils and finally lodging units that will match the beauty and ambience of the Spice Farm & Botanical Gardens.

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