Land in Belize for sale

Located in Western Belize near the agrarian community of Spanish Lookout is this amazing 258 acre turn key ranch.   Situated 5 miles off the Farmer’s Express Highway in the village of La Gracia is this well planned farm.

30 % of the property has already been developed with a 2 acres teak plantation, sheep pastures, hacienda location and homestead location for farm workers.

The property features a creek on the northern border and several natural ponds, so the farm animals always have ample water at all times.

The hacienda sits on a hill overlooks the entire farm and elevates over 300 feet. This unfinished building in made of bricks and is over 500 sq. ft. large with concrete/steel reinforced columns. The all weather road leading to the hacienda is well kept.

The property has a 30 acre sheep pasture, 4 acre homestead, 4 acre teak walk, and over 3 acres of Tahiti limes. The hacienda sits on 3 acres overlooking the farm.

The property features bearing coconut, cacao, mango and craboo trees.  Truly this is Belize Real Estate at its best.

This is a turn key farm!

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