GREAT FOR ANY CROP| Belize Farm For Sale

Are you looking for Belize Farm For Sale?  Located less than 1/2 mile off the Southern Highway in the Village of Maya Center is this 2,100 acre farm.  Getting to this property is very easy on the all weather gravel road.

This property features road network around the entire property, while the Sittee River borders the Northern portion of the farm.  The Sittee River is navigable to the Caribbean Sea.

Being virtually flat and with natural drainage and with rich alluvial soils, this property would be ideal for many traditional and upcoming crop types.

Boasting approximately 100 acres of Teak, Mahogany, Naragusta and Santa Maria trees add amazing value to this property.  Another 350 acres is constantly under production with either Soybeans or Corn.

This property would be ideal for any crop production and acquiring laborers from the nearby village would be easy.

The nearby large farms in this area are mainly concentrated on planting coconuts, pineapples and lime.  This 2,100 acres would be an excellent option for any large scale agro venture.

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